Terms and conditions

The following general terms and conditions apply to business dealings between CARMEN & FRANCISCO, LDA, with the commercial designations “Brinde e Companhia” and “Fardas & Companhia”, stablished online in www.brinde-companhia.pt / www.fardas-companhia.pt and its users, in the applicable version to the date of use.

In this way, by accessing the “Brinde & Companhia” and “Fardas & Companhia” websites, you become a user, therefore accepting the general conditions related to certain website services and contents.

General proceedings

By requesting a quote/order on our platforms, the user accepts the following terms and conditions.

For the execution of these requests it is paramount that the following information be provided: name, billing address, delivery address, NIF (Individual Taxpayer Number), email and telephone number. This information is only destined to materialize business dealings and will not be divulged to any other party.

After the issuing of a quote, it has a validity of 15 days.

After the acceptance of the quote, a mock-up will be created for approval. You should verify all information, such as: text, logos, quantities, colors, sizes. The order will only proceed for production after the approval of the mock-up.

After the approval and production of the order, the client is unable to cancel it.

The sale is authorized to any person over 18 years old.

- Stock

In case of material shortage or discontinued item the client will be informed, it will be possible to replace it with a similar item. There may be price difference, so another quote will be issued.

- Order cancellation

In the case of personalized products and in which the products are already in productions, it will not be possible to cancel the order.

- Product delivery

The delivery time of the products in the mainland typically ranges between 5 and 8 business days, in the islands ranges between 8 to 12 business days.

The transportation is carried out by an intermediate company - Chronopost or CTT, strategic partners who deliver the product personally in the address provided by the client.

- Payment method

You can make the payment through bank transfer or payment upon delivery.

- Guarantee

All of our products have a 2 years guarantee. However, if the product is personalized, the guarantee is voided.

“Brinde & Companhia” and “Fardas & Companhia” will not be liable for eventual damages resulting of misuse of the products, or when they are used for purposes to which they are not intended.

- Complaints/Refund of products

The complaints/refunds will only be subject to analysis when filed in writing to the email info@brinde-companhia.pt or info@fardas-companhia.pt within 7 days.

The products sent through a carrier should be inspected upon arrival.

All anomalies resulting from the transportation should be written up in the transportation documents, otherwise Brinde & Companhia cannot accept complaints about these products.

In case of disputes, the client can appeal to an Alternative Consumption Dispute Resolution Body:

Centro de informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto
Rua Damião de Gois, 31 – Loja 6
4050-225 Porto
Tel.:225 508 349 / 225 029 791 / Fax: 225 026 109
E-mail: cicap@cicap.pt / Web: www.cicap.pt

Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Vale do Ave
Rua Capitão Alfredo Guimarães, nº 1
4800-019 Guimarães
Tel.: 253 422 410 / Fax: 253 422 411
Email: triave@gmail.com / web: www.triave.pt

More information in Portal do Consumidor www.consumidor.pt.

Using the website, services and contents

The website cannot be used for legal or detrimental purposes against “Brinde & Companhia”, “Fardas & Companhia” or third parties, that may prevent its proper functioning.

Consequently, it is strictly forbidden:
- To reproduce, distribute or alter the content of the products/services without the consent of the legal owner or without respect to the applicable legislation;
- To use the contents of “Brinde & Companhia” and “Fardas & Companhia” for commercial or publicity purposes other than what was legally agreed between the user and the company.

User responsibility

The usage of the website is of the sole responsibility of the user.

In case the user does not respect the conditions, “Brinde & Companhia” and “Fardas & Companhia” reserve the right to refuse access to the website at any time and without any warning.

Privacy Statement

“Brinde & Companhia” and “Fardas & Companhia” respect your privacy. The information provided serves as a verification method and to enable business transactions. No information will be divulged to third parties.

“Brinde & Companhia” and “Fardas & Companhia” value the privacy of its members, and undertake to respect it, ensuring confidentiality and protection of the information provided by the users.

The present privacy statement aims to ensure the users of the conditions of security and privacy, as the information requested and gathered is strictly the information needed to provide the service, according with the explicit indications in the website.

The user is free to access their data, rectify or delete them.

We undertake the following commitments:
- To process the data in a legal and loyal way, only gathering necessary and pertinent information suitable for its purpose;
- To allow access and editing privileges to the owner of the information;
- To keep the information accurate and, if necessary, updated;
- To provide, free of charge, the right to delete the information when requested by its owner;
- To have defense mechanisms to prevent the consult, editing, destruction, or addition of data by people nor allowed access to it;
- To not perform personal data interconnection, unless authorized by law.

Applicable legislation and Jurisdiction.

The present conditions are regulated by Portuguese Law, and for all emerging questions of interpretation the District Court of Santo Tirso is elected, with the express waiver of any other.

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