Agents Wanted

Be our exclusive agent and transform your contacts in business opportunities!

We are looking for agents to work with Brinde & Companhia in Europe:
> Portugal (by district)
> Spain
> Frace
> Switzerland
> Belgium
> Luxemburg
And in Africa:
> Angola
> Mozambique
> Cape Verde

Or you can be our retailer, if you already have a company and you want to expand your services!
This offer is destined to:
> Advertising agencies;
> Sole proprietorship gift companies;
> Printing companies;
> Newsstands, Stationery Shops and Bazaars.

We have a whole team at your disposal, ready to help you:
> Quoting;
> Customized mock-ups;
> Delivery of products directly to the client;
> Urgent delivery
> 20 to 30% Discounts.

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